Stephen Corwin | | 919.478.1889

Stephen Corwin Senior Front-End Engineer

  • 6+ years of experience as a software engineer in various industries
  • Full stack skill-set with a concentration on front-end engineering
  • Owns a small consulting company to channel mid-range freelance work
  • Mentors several apprentices and manages their online curriculum
  • Published several modules on GitHub, NPM, and Packagist


ECPI University, VA Beach, VA
B.S. in Computer and Information Sciences
Major in Simulation and Game Programming
July 2013


  • Architectural Pattern Model View Controller, Server Side Rendering, Finite State Machine
  • Methodology Agile, Scrum, Cross-platform Development, Object-Oriented Programming, Composition, Rapid Application Development
  • Programming Language JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS, LESS, SASS, HTML, PHP, C#
  • UI Mobile-first Design, Responsive Web Design
  • UX Information Architecture, Persona Classification


  • Framework Angular, React, Redux, Node.js, Express, Handlebars, Styled Components, Bootstrap, Axios, Bluebird, jQuery, AJAX
  • Automation Software Webpack, Gulp, Jenkins
  • Content Management System SilverStripe, WordPress
  • Graphic Editor Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Sketch
  • Prototyping Balsamiq, InVision
  • Email Distribution System HubSpot


Koto, Tyson's Corner, VA
Software Engineer
April 2018 Present

ScoreWin LLC
October 2016 Present

  • Led a small team of innovative engineers
  • Engaged with business stakeholders for contract acquisition and agile ceremonies
  • Created an Art Portal for Holiday Retirement (Angular, Node.js, SASS)
  • Created a custom WordPress Theme for PackHealth (PHP, SASS, WordPress)
  • Engineered a custom SASS framework (SASS)
  • Performed numerous site migrations (MySQL, Node.js, SilverStripe, WordPress)
  • Developed reusable components and modules (AngularJS, Angular, PHP, SASS)
  • Created wireframes (Balsamiq, InVision)
  • Designed mockups (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch)

Under Armour, Baltimore, MD
Software Engineer Contractor
June 2017 March 2018

  • Developed site manager portal which housed tooling used by customer service representatives (Node.js, Styled Components, React, Redux)
  • Migrated existing LESS styling to use Styled Components (React, Styled Components, LESS)
  • Developed API and Service endpoints (Node.js, Sequelize, Protobuf, Swagger)
  • Integrated Auth0 flow into the site manager portal (React, Redux)
  • Created wireframes (Balsamiq, InVision)

RainKing Solutions, Bethesda, MD
Senior Front-End Engineer Contractor
February 2017 June 2017

  • Developed pages and components to support a new major release (v4.0) for the RainKing platform (AngularJS, GSP, SASS)
  • Integrated Gulp and NPM with the existing Jenkins build pipeline (Gulp, NPM, Jenkins)
  • Created wireframes (Balsamiq, InVision)
  • Collaborated with a third-party consulting agency to communicate design requests and revisions (InVision)

Becton Dickinson, Reston VA
Senior UI Developer Contractor
July 2016 February 2017

  • Lead UI Developer on a distributed team including 6 offshore resources
  • Performed code reviews and provided technical analysis
  • Developed a medical hybrid application (AngularJS, TypeScript, Xamarin)
  • Integrated a medical hybrid application with bluetooth pairing, bluetooth printers, and barcode scanners

Acuity Systems LLC, Herndon, VA
UI Developer Contractor
April 2016 July 2016

  • Created wireframes (Balsamiq, InVision)
  • Designed mockups (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator)
  • Developed API service container in Node.js connecting custom Web Portal to MicroStrategy Intelligence Server (Node.js)
  • Integrated Web Portal with GSA common components

Folio Investing, McLean, VA
UI Developer
April 2015 April 2016

  • Developed private placements platform application (AngularJS, SASS, JavaScript, JSP, JSTL)
  • Developed an SVG signature pad for JSP templates and ported it as an Angular directive (AngularJS, SASS, JavaScript, JSP, JSTL)
  • Redesigned and implemented a new account opening path (SASS, JavaScript, JSP, JSTL)
  • Designed wireframes mockups (Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop)
  • Created numerous utility plugins (AngularJS, JavaScript, jQuery)

Millennial Media, Baltimore, MD
Web Developer
February 2014 April 2015

  • Extended the capabilities of the existing CMS powering by creating modules and templates (CSS, JavaScript, MySQL)
  • Integrated Smartling as a multilingual translation solution for (CSS, JavaScript, PHP)
  • Developed IOS and Android mobile applications (AngularJS, JavaScript, SASS)
  • Developed event portal that enables users to create RSVP and information landing pages (AngularJS, JavaScript, MySQL, SASS, SilverStripe)
  • Developed as part of an ongoing marketing campaign (AngularJS, JavaScript, MySQL, SASS, SilverStripe)

BLDG-25, Durham, NC
Web Developer
August 2013 February 2014

  • Developed a virtual simulation for a German real estate company (C#, JavaScript, Unity 3D)
  • Created UI visualizations for a consumed web service (AJAX, CSS, JavaScript)
  • Developed an e-learning web application for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana (CSS, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, SilverStripe)

System Technologies Advanced Research, VA Beach, VA
Software Engineer
November 2012 July 2013

  • Developed a virtual simulation running in a touch-enabled kiosk of the US Battleship Wisconsin for the Nauticus museum in Norfolk, VA (C#, JavaScript, Unity 3D)
  • Developed IOS and Android mobile applications (Action Script 3, Adobe Air, Adobe Flex, Starling)
  • Developed sound software for the Raspberry Pi which interfaced with IO hardware modules (C#, C++)