Stephen Corwin


Millennial Media has an ongoing campaign codenamed "Move With Mobile". The idea is that customer's move between devices and so should the advertising targeting them. Millennial Media is involved in over 100 events each year world wide and needed a website to house the information regarding these events. In addition, we also wanted an interactive feed page that would aggregate content from various social media platforms in an automatic, but moderated fashion. I was tasked with the creation of the website with assistance from our creative director. I chose to use SilverStripe as the Content Management System. Utilizing tools such as Grunt, SASS, and SilverStripe, I implemented optimizations to minimize the load time for each page. SilverStripe has a feature that dynamically resamples images to the maximum resolution in which they could possibly be displayed. This is done without altering or distorting the original image. The website was a fun challenge. The team and I are very satisfied with how the website turned out and have big plans for the second iteration.